How to rate guest!! Especially drug users and rule breakers!!!

Opened our B&B with 3-4 rooms Nov 1, 2018. Maintaining 85% occupancy. 45% from AirBnB, 45% direct, 10% booking.com. All great experiences with guest except for the majority from booking.com. One guest booked at 10:00pm (my stated latest checkin time) and appeared at my door 10 minutes later; one guest kept sending a message "Flowers for my lady" (have no clue what he meant); one guest unloaded 14 loads from his car (appears to have been living in his car); the FINAL STRAW was the couple that tried to stay an extra night on a credit card that was declined, it worked for their first 2 nights, he said his mom booked it for him; the name on the credit card matched the name on the County Jail booking sheet I found in their rooms trash can along with the 2 used "insulin needles" (insulin is not black!!!). I have now closed all bookings from booking.com. With AirBnB we can review and rate the guest; I can read other guest reviews from prior hosts; I can decline to book if the guest don't meet certain verified charactistics. Does any "mom and pop" bed and breakfast actually feel like taking the risk posed by booking.com???


We are new to Booking.com as well, we have been hosting on Airbnb for more than 2 years now and we have seen all sorts of nonsense come in and stay in our properties. Booking.com so far is fine for us, but we share your concern of not being able to see guest's profile picture, ID, reviews and all. Also, ability to modify/cancel the reservations.

If anyone has any tips to share we will highly appreciate.

Enxhi Krasniqi

thats correct actually . I feel insecure about it because I can not see the guest and anyone can enter in my property except the one who booked. This is a big problem and I am still thinking if I should keep on going with booking