How to Remove a False Guest Review?

We have been with Booking.com for over 15 years and have received good and bad reviews like every other hotel in there system.  Recently we have increased our score.

However we had one guest who got his items stolen from our baggage storage room and has blamed the hotel owner and staff.  We were able to review the video footage and identify it was another booking.com guest.  We turned over the video to the police and notified the guest and booking.com that the review was false and request it be corrected.   Both the guest and booking.com refused to take the erroneous review down.  We respond to the review that we had video proof that is was not the hotel owner or the staff but another booking.com guest.  Our truthful response was not posted online and the false review that is scaring away futures customers remains online.  We have always had a wonderful working relationship with booking.com.  This is a rock in the shoe and we hope someone has a suggestion for us to get the truth posted.


The simple answer is you cant.


However you can reply to the comments, and state the actual real truth in succinct, concise, manner.

Avoid long winded explanations. Just be succinct  concise to the point.


If you have informed the bad reviewer of the info and they refuse, then simply move on forget about it.


There is nothing else you can do.




Kind Regards


Fossilcoast Hawera

It’s really unfortunate.....as well as frustrating when this type of thing happens.

As Barry says, post your comment....people can then see the truth of the matter and step away from it.   People will see your reviews and see that this is a one off.