How would you rate partners support from Booking com?

Hello, I have a property in Ghana and I am really curious if extremely weak support from booking.com is the problem because they closed local office here or it is a global issue? 

Andrea 1 month ago

Tagging along here...


We have a property in Cambodia. I keep running into so many bugs (incorrect rate calculations, incorrect booking information, issues with the website and app, ...). Local support can not be contacted so I have nothing but to turn to partner support.


When dealing with partner support, I find that I get really quick responses but I never seem to get answers or solutions. More often than not, the responses seem nonsensical. 


Example 1 (today): Sent message to Partner Support with a particular issue.

Response: instructions on how to send a message to Partner Support. 


Example 2 (today): This is about a reservation for 2 rooms. The rate for 1 room has been calculated incorrectly. Me: The rate for 'room 1' is correct. However, the rate for 'room 2' is not correct. There are just 2 guests in this room, but they are being charged for 4 guests.

Response: Yes, we forgot to charge for 1 guest in 'room 1'. This is a known issue. 


Daniel Carvalho - Hope you or one of your colleagues can help - I'm happy to elaborate