i can´t register mi house, because it has no especific adress

i can´t register mi house, because it is located in the country side , and it has no especific adress



Everything has an address, even a house in the middle of the countryside , like in Ireland.


You simply  use google maps to grab the LAT LON cords and then copy paste the url for location to be set.


Determining your address should be as basic as


Pick a name for the property, , find the name of the nearst road, the name of the area you are in , the name of the district or county, the nearest town,


  • Property Name,
  • Road name,
  • Area name,
  • County Name,
  • Country.


done , literally that simple.



But there is also the problem of mail delivery.   Not all countries have a working snail mail system.   I'm going to have that problem in the Caribbean.   I just went active, but from everything I'm reading I don't have my hopes up for this working out for me.