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I don't have air-conditioning. I don't need it either as the property is very well insulated and environmentally friendly. Is there any option to let guests know it's cooler in summer than most with air-conditioning?

I'd love to see a tick box for cooling rather than just air-conditioning. There is one for heating but unless I missed it not one for cooling.

Leandri Klopper

Hey Liz M Lockwood ,

That sounds really nice!

You seem to be very good with words, and sadly that's the only option that they currently have. You can add it to your Property Description and hope that the guests read it.

I do however suggest that if you want to see a tickbox, you use the Send Feedback button (way at the bottom of the extranet once you have logged in) and asked them for it. If enough people suggest it, actions it.

Best of luck!

Delbert Adair

I don't have air conditioning either. Property is at an elevation 7075 feet. I do list that on my description. Great suggestion for tickbox on cooling, however.