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I need to talk to Partner Help and Credit control team, can't get through because I can't remember my pin number

Is there a way to call in for partner help without having a reservation number or pin number?  I can't remember my pin number, how can I find it or reset it?


I need to clear up some invoices but can't get through to anyone.  Can you please send me the info or call me at ***.  My name is Jane Roesch, Cabo Rentals by Jane Roesch LLC.


Thank you,

Jane Roesch



Hi Jane,



Dont post phone numbers  they will get removed , 


Partner Hub action requests will not result in anything , no one will be ringing you nor make changes for you.



First start with the PIN., the only reference to PIN I know of is 2FA, Two Factor authentication. To protect access to your account.



This usually means a PIN is sent t oyou by SMS or email.

Better yet if you install Pulse App, there is a PN generator within it. So when prompted for a PIN, you simply look up the current active timed PIN inside the pulse app.


To find the PIN in pulse simply:

  • Open the Pulse app
  • Bottom Right menu are 3 dots and MORE, tap to open MORE
  • Now tap Settings
  • Tap Extranet PIN Code
  • The 6 digits are the pin to enter with no space when you do so.
  • There will be a countdown, if it is short wait for the new PIN
  • Dont delay in entering the new PIN.



What if I cant logon to Pulse also or first time ?

You could try using the FOrgot My Password method so you can logon and then setup the Pulse app .


The system will email you.

If you see the option to send my SMS, sometimes this may not be the best if the mobile network signal is intermitant.



Kind Regards