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I really need to assist me in taking back my account


Currently I am having many problem accessing my Extranet account. Recently i outsourced my OTA out to another company called 7S. After firing them they did not return my OTA accounts and email. After contacting you guys I got the account back with all the features locked needing admin to be able to access it. 

I want to submit a formal request to take back my extranet account so I can start using to get bookings again. If you guys need me to verify that I am the owner of KEN HOTEL 1, I will submit whatever you guys need. 

It is very difficult to contact you guys so please give me help ASAP so we can start collaborating again. 

Thank you 



I cannot even enter the inbox tab because the other company locked me out of that feature. That is why I have no choice but to post it on here. Please help me out


Try actually reading what I sent and you will see there is a link to phone numbers for the help desk.

I am just another hotelier not sure how you think I can help with your login issue.


I will repeat myself.  This is the partner forum NOT the help desk.

No one is going to call you from