I suggest Booking.Com create a talk-corner for Partners having their property in the same country. This would offer partners to talk amongst themselves of specific issues related to the country, it’s regulations, laws etc.

Thailand‘s Goverment has changed the rental law in Thailand for owners who wish to rent out their houses / Condos to holiday makers, since May 2018 based ones district court decision. Owners are only allowed to rent as from 30-days and more ( Long-Term).

What the Thai Government wanted to do with this new rental law is, to protect their local hotels. All has started with short-term rentals of internet-holiday platforms, which became a economical threat for hotels and residential condominiums where the frequency of rooms disallow a proper control of the responsible offices and the house Rules were not necessarily respected vis a vis to the other other owners living in the same community.


Jan Christian …

Due to the Corona19 situation many houses / Condos are actually for sale for very attractive prices.

The rental is likewise very cheap.

For any questions, regarding rentals please contact me.



K Nirmal Kumar…

Booking.com need to rethink their policy , no onev size fit for all , Do not have the same policy for house owners,  homestay via a vis hotels,Also keep updating preemptively country wise regulatory changes . not just pass the buck solely to small entities.  Indeed corono 2 will put everyone survival .