I want one special sentence in my description.. Howto?


i just signed up to the Partnerforum...

My name is Thomas and i and my family are running a small hotel, specialized on stopover tourists going to Italy.


Now to my question:

Some of my colleagues on B.com are having one special sentence in the description text.

I want the same. It is about the location of our houses. As a stopover hotel for onenighters you want to point out where you are located.

My wish is to have this in my text: "Located directly at the xy street"

I´ve tried 3 times so far to get it in my description text by writing a b.com message to customer support.

Never got it done.


Any ideas?


Thank you



Thuild - Your …

Dear Thomas,

You can only get it done by going to Property - View Your Descriptions - Property Description

There you will have a button "Request a correction", submit what you need to be modified and it should be fine.

Whenever they cannot make the change, they will notify you why by a message.

Best of luck,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com


It is also possible to add as much description as you want under your profile information, which will appear on your listing


Did you know Clairjennifer that in homestay listings Bookingcom does not allow profile information? !!!!

To my opinion in Homestay listings Profile information is more important to guests than in other listings.



@Andyhadjivasiliou I didn't know that, I agree profile information is very important for homestay listings. I have my properties listed under apartments. Do you know if properties can be listed under more than one property type? And if so where to find the setting?