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"I would like a quiet room. Is that possible?"

I am receiving some bookings now, and each one of them requested "I would like a quiet room. Is that possible?"  Obviously this is a feature that guest can mark. And Booking.com wants me to reply. At this moment I don't respond to this "question". It's a  tricky question. Although our rooms are quiet, but sometimes there are other guests that can be noisy or for any other reason.. And it feels also kind of dumb explaining yes the room is basicly quiet BUT...

3 Replies

Marcel van Eekelen

Have the same problem!! I asked a guest why he asked for this. He told me he HAD to tick this box!!!

5 months ago

"quiet room" is relative. Is this a soundproof room, or if you can hear a car in a distance it is not quiet anymore? So many options where as a host can not give a solid answer to that.

5 months ago
Besszer Franz …

I makes sense for a hotel, that has several rooms to choose from, they can put the guest in a quiet room, but operating a guest house with apartments of different price makes little sense, I cannot change the guest to another apartment without changing the price. The question is really annoying.

5 months ago