I'd like to request a quiet room, is this possible?

Every time someone books now we receive the message from the guests "I'd like to request a quiet room, is this possible?"

We only have one room!

I booked our apartment myself and sure enough the message was automatically generated on my behalf.

Has anyone else experienced this?  How do you turn it off?  Guests must be wondering why we're replying to them about quiet rooms when they haven't even asked the question!

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Inch Beach

We have exactly the same problem. If it's a bug when will it be fixed as we'll be getting a lot of cross guests and I'm guessing Booking.com isn't going to come along and deal with them for us. 

Hopefully as we're a quiet property we won't have too many complaints! 


1 month ago
Emu Point Motel

Emu Point Motel & Apartments.

Same problem here and "Yes" guests now starting to get upset.



1 month ago
Le Balcon des Jasses

Yes, All my bookings are ASKING FOR QUIRT ROOM, WHY, HOW COME???

AND: (Maybe its another bug)

Rating from our guest go unfair, the new rating system put us down. (I have read and understood) But: Visitors can rate -locations- Why? Locations are on display from our Booking.com / website BEFORE a booking are made. Nobody can complain about locations, we cannot change anything. Visitors can rate Room View, if the Windows don't face exactly what our guest needs, We cannot change, and WE DO NOT TELL ANYBODY, Sea or Mountains View... And, Now our Guest complains, about slightly smell in our room: We are Disinfect room, EVERYwhere, Bath, Bed, Room, Carpet and every item, for security reason. Please give us a Change to recover this CORONA crisis, without complaining, we do our very best, for all guest and our self. Thank you. Lucy.

1 month ago
Sergei - Commu…

Hey Le Balcon des Jasses! Sorry to hear that. Yeah, sometimes guests reviews may sound not fair to partners. Also, thanks for sharing your experience about the disinfection, I think it is a really valuable insight. 

1 month ago