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Important notice about the New Review System

Dear Hosts,

For those who didn't know, an Overall Review System has been introduced. It's been proved on Airbnb not to be of anyone's benefit - guests, host or 

The new system leaves room for people to rate inconsistently between categories and the total score.

We talked on the phone with customer service and they agreed that it's something they are already talking about among colleagues.

Please find more about this topic on this link:

Please pass the message or write you own. We are still in time to revert to the old, great review system.

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B&B USA 2 years ago

The new review system is rigged. For the past 3 months average score received  9.6  in last 90 days. I am still a 8.7. No matter what I do or how many 10's I get my score does not move up to 8.8. So clearly this is rigged to keep us down because hotels cannot and do not offer our level of service. 

Jess Meyer 2 years ago

Happened again.

An 8.8 average was set to 8 on the sliding scale.

Getting **** off....