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Independent forum

Can I suggest joining this Facebook group which I have just found?

It has the advantage of being independent of

It always amuses me how quickly they edit (and understand) posts here, compared to how quickly they understand (and deal with) issues you ask them to resolve.

I am interested to see if they remove the link.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Malinka, 


That Facebook Booking .com UK partner group, will likely be seen as a 3rdparty link not allowed and removed like you said. Though I have not seen anything in the 


I do agree there are times things get edited , removed when they should just be left alone.

And likely due to someone of a different non english native culture being the one doing the decision making. 

Its a bit like having a mechanic as a decision maker on a case for a judge in a court to make instead of a judge.


You will find also some of those edits are script decision based and not by a human moderator.


I joined it too to see what the story was ,and what kind of things being posted.


Some interesting PoV from different people, though mostly as guest experiences and not as partners experiences.