Instant bookings cause and issue for multi use space.

I have a ground floor in my home with 2 double bedrooms, a bathroom, lounge and kitchenette. I want to rent the two rooms separately as well as the entire floor as a whole. The problem is that with the 'instant' booking system on Booking.com, I cannot list the entire floor for fear that I will get a double booking. If I am not aware soon enough that an individual room has been booked, and someone books the entire floor before I can make the entire floor unavailable in the system, I have an issue with a double booking. This is an inflexibility issue in the Booking.com system, where the booking of a room on the floor will not cancel out the booking of the entire floor. What can I do?

Leandri Klopper

Hi there Beourguest Nz ,

I see that question reoccuring on the forum quite a lot now. As I don't have a property like that, I never really sought out the answer. But according to some partners on the forum the solution is to get a Channel Manager.

The CM will make sure the units gets blocked off from the other platforms as soon as they are booked and also, they will carry the responsibility of ensuring it does... so should you receive an Overbooking, you might be able to escape the extra fees associated to it by charging the Channel Manager.

Hope this helped a bit, I'm hoping the other Partners will jump in here also.