Instead of Google Maps

This will add to a great guest experience: finding the property with clear descriptions in one go: Now I have been able to find a way how to make it easier for guests how to find us without GPS, Google Maps or even Maps.Me. And attached a copy of a little map to the template: how to find our farm.  

It's very frustrating ending up in the middle of nowhere, not being able to understand where on earth you have ended up. It's a bit of a jungle here in the Catlins, with many gravel roads and big farmlands. Not many people to find telling you where to go if you get lost. But we're getting there. The infrastructure had a major upgrade, signs being put up, Info centres open all day long. It has been a big learning curve for our people in our district, but we do enjoy the influx of interested visitors, hikers, campers, drivers, photographers, bikers and more.