Invalid guest review to be removed

booking reference *** This guest has posted review on 7th Aug but the guest never stayed with us. Simply booked and cancelled with booking.com.

the guest should not be allowed to post review as they haven’t used the facility or stayed. They cancelled on their own accord and never visited us.


this review should be removed as it affects our rating for no fault.

Wiersma Meindert

Is this a reply form Booking.com, "you posted it on the partner forum, so we cannot help you". This forum is on booking.com and Booking always says we are partners. Remarkable reply from Booking.com.


No not from booking.com.  The partner forum is for other hoteliers to give advice and to have discussions.

That is why I also gave you detail to contact the help desk if you wanted to raise it with them, because they are not reading your post.

Jureerat Intha…

I understand what you said and we can have more channels to share and exchange the experience between hoteliers also . By the way ,booking.com is still supporting I see !