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invoice payment mode change, i want to pay by credit card

dear team


greetings from hotel private affair (Id-***)


i want to pay the invoice by for commission, but there is no option to pay by credit card, kindly change the mode of payment to credit card payment. i want to pay the commission invoice by my credit card.

so please do it as soon as possible, kindly contact me on +***

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi kailash chandra soni


Its important to understand no one will be ringing you, you must phone them instead, see guide below.


Note go to the Finance Overview section and check for the options, as most of use only have :


1. Setup Direct Debit for Bank to authorise auto payment from your account.


2. Setup Booking IBAN details as a PAYEE on your bank account to do manual trransfers with phone or online banking apps.


 I have never heard of someone having the option for Credit Card to pay with. 



Please do let me know how it works out and what country you are in so the next time someone from same country asks , I can confirm, thanks


Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide



Kind Regards