I've received a low cleanliness score. What shall I do?

I am confused by an email I received that states "You’ve received a low cleanliness score" but I haven't! what do I do about these emails?





All you can do is go to the Reviews section from Guests on Extranet.

Check them all, including subscores, then look for if feedback comments were left. They may not have bothered. Is there a reply to comments option?


If yes , then thank them for taking the time to leave a review; then ask for examples, as you have your place professionally cleaned and was prior to their arrival. And that feedback and detail is important in order to deal with guest percieved issues.   Use terms like misininformed, misunderstand, to politely put them in their place.

sand remind them of the listing details what was to be expected, and what they didnt read their or on the auto messages




Kind Regards.


Rohatai Pewhairangi

Thank you, 

so I did get a comment and I replied in that way. I didn’t get details though, know for next time

Robyn Mourie

I got this message 2 days ago too but also didn’t receive a review saying that. Maybe a glitch? 

Rohatai Pewhairangi

I had an older review from a guy who I think marked me down as retaliation because he wasnt supplied clithes wash powder, or lunch. But he obviously hadn’t read my description, we don’t supply either one. So he gave me lower scores on everything. But it still wasnt that bad,because It was an 8 overall. Nit picking i think, just a waste of stress