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Location verification

Has anyone successfully carried out the location verification process?   

I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for this process to be carried out. have been no help at all when I contact them regarding this. All I am told is to be patient, which has now worn thin. My patience has ran out.   

I have already had a booking come and go and have received no money for it - apparently due to not having completed the location verification process.   

I am able to set my calendar for my property to open to accept bookings now, which would suggest I am verified? My payments are still showing as blocked though?   


Laura Birrell

I have exactly the same issue been waiting 28 days since notified my property would be verified within 25 days.   Still no word I have now started calling them daily. Fed up with their bad service going to call trading standards as they are in breach of their performance indicator ie they said property would be verified in 25 days.  People have paid to stay at my place and paid them so it is my money. It’s a no brainier if people have come stayed and left the property exists!! 

Colin Sage

Exactly. All they need to do to verify the property is genuine is contact the guests that have stayed there already. I have made this point to them already. 

I was promised a letter which never arrived, then an email, that never arrived, then I was told I would receive a video call to verify location. I’m still waiting.   

I am going to make a formal complaint and I am also going to trading standards.   

Withholding the money we are due, for a service we have provided already, all because they can’t run their organisation properly is criminal.   

All the money they owe out to people like us will be gathering a great deal of interest for them in their bank account ! 



Claire - Accou…

Hi Colin,


Thank you for you message. This is the process for verifications.

During the online sign up process would have explained that you can start to take a certain amount of bookings but if you aren't verified as an existing property then will close the listing. 


As you've been waiting for the letter for some time now I would advise to call Partner Services directly to see if your a representative in your country can organise an alternative verification for you as they didn't call you for that video call.  To call them direct go to you Inbox > messages. From here you will either see a ‘Contact Us’ button or ‘See Contact Options’  then under contact us select the relevant topic > Other > then click ‘See all contact Options > Call.

Unfortunately we cannot advise on the wait times for this. If you have already submitted the request in your Inbox, I would advise to submit it again until you get an answer from your local team. 


Kind regards,


Colin Sage

Hello Claire, 

I was reassured by that I would receive payment for the booking I accepted despite not being verified yet. This has not happened. are withholding a substantial amount of money from me. 

My property was initially closed by and I was not able to accept new bookings. I am now able to set my property to open to accept bookings but my payouts are still blocked. I have now chosen to set my property as closed. I will not accept anymore until I have been paid the money I am owed.  

I have repeatedly contacted by extranet inbox and by phone and I am getting no where. The customer service shown to partners is appalling.