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Login SMS Verification in Vietnam

This is the second time I have raised this issue but I still have to:

a) Go through the One-Time Code every single time I log in on my dektop PC. i realise that I may have some brower security setting which cause this, but I can't change my secuirty for this one issue and it is so very painful to have to do it EVRY single time......

b) Hit "Send Verifcation Code" 3 times before I get the SMS, as it almost NEVER comes through the 1st time and seldom the 2nd time either,

c) Put up with stupid content in the SMS, eg "Rumour Has It ghe tham" or "Too young Tri ky",

d) Try (at the weekends) to grasp the code from a phone call in Vietnamese, where the code is only spoken one time. My Vietnamese is limited and if I can't catch the numbers I have to do the whole thing again. The message is so fast as well. Why is the system setup in the weekend that i get a phone call (precorded message) rather than the SMS that i clicked for?


Can any of these issues be resolved before I go mental?



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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Dave,


a> One Time Password, Its called 2 Factor authentication, its by design, to protect your account. Secure is not a pain its proactive and prevents others accessing your account.


b> SMS not coming through is not an issue on the sending side , its a network and phone issue. always is.


c> SMS spam . nothing to do with BdC. similar to spam email. yes its a thing.


d> contact BdC support. Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide



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Kind Regards

Dave Mitchell 1 year ago

Thanks, but you seem to miss some of my points....

a) I know it's 2-factor and by design, but I don't have this issue on any other device and I use several..... and it is a pain.

b) It is not a phone issue. See c).

c) It's not SMS spam as the stupid text is inside the same message as the code (see below left). And the code is correct so some moron thinks their funny is adding some carp to the legit code ("Ghe tham" is Vietnamese, btw). I actually think that the veriifcation is not automatic, otherwise why would i get these stupid pieces of text with the code? Surely does not propgram their codes with unfunny text like this? A real message is on the right. i believe that here there is some human intervention and that is why it takes 3 goes to get a response...uncool.

d) Doesn't look like there's anything there related to my issues...


Again; Thanks.


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BrookAve 1 year ago

your debating it with a 44yo year IT veteran., 


take it up with BdC support if you dont believe me, i tried , moving on now.