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Making a guest feel welcome.

Welcoming guests with a smile and leading them into a clean,fresh, pleasing room is the first step to a great guest experience.  Assisting in giving information of what to experience is always received well.  Breakfast must be an experience,  starting with a creative table that guests will photograph to send home.  Being helpful and accommodating is so appreciated.  Showing interest in where they will be going next and where they come from creates a friendly atmosphere.  

Aaltje B.

You are spot on Dawn.

I think when you have done this job for some years, it is easy to get used to a pattern of doing things. And routine doesn't make it exciting.

For that reason it is good to read about what other ideas people come up with. Change the breakfast, the linen for the beds, try a preference for people from a different culture / country.

Indeed, I haven't heard of guests that don't like it if you pronounce their name, and say welcome and hello.

You look like a person naturally born for the hospitality industry,

Wishing you many great guests for a long time to come.


Aaltje B.