Making my accomodation visible again

I can't get my accomidation visible on te site

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Helga-Segers and welcome to the forum. What is exactly your problem???

Helga Segers

I have an account and compleet registration of my property but it is not listened on the site. Every time I try to complete my registration, I get the message that it is already registrated. I can't get any contact with the ainistration


Hi,I have found a problem with the booking filter system,when guests look on the public page,without selecting anything of the filter,it shows up fine,but if they select double bed,it either makes the page change and your listing disappears,or you will find it 6 or 7 pages further on but now shows in red print that there are no availability as this property,report it to partners help,hope this helps.Mike