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I have been booking.com partner for 2 years now starting with my Malaysian property and I was happy with the booking.com service until my below grievance with Booking.com UAE office . Last year October I listed my property at Dubai. Since I was unable to run it, I gave it to a company here to manage and created user to them and gave all admin rights. While everything was going smoothly recently I went to add my new property at Belgrade, Serbia and I was not able to do that because my account was changed to that entity managing my property.

I called Booking.com call centre and they informed that master account has been changed to that entity and only the Booking.com UAE office can change it. I complained that I am the one created the account and they should not have changed my account to master account of another entity and this is totally unethical. The call centre mentioned that the local office will contact me to resolve this and even after 3 calls and 2 weeks still they haven’t contacted me.They were not even willing to share the local office contact number and they said it is confidential

Does any of you have the above experience and any advise on my below burning questions so I have to reconsider how I deal with my booking.com relationship and account in future.

1} I gave only authorization to an entity to manage my accommodation not to take over my account. How did UAE local office changed my account to their master account without my authorization? What safety the account holder has with things turned back when admin access is given to somebody who is managing my apartment?

2} What value does the agreement I signed for the accommodation with booking.com holds value if this can be flipped to another entity without my authorization. I would like to take legal advice on this but would like to hear your legal opinion first

3} In Malaysia the Booking.com local office can be contacted but here they are invisible unlike expedia in UAE can be reached out to local office for partner support. Why UAE booking.com has a special authority, untouchable and cant be contacted but only have to wait for them to contact? How they are given authority to hijack my account and transfer to another entity, ignore all request from booking.com call centre to contact me even after 3 calls and 2 weeks of the complaint to call centre? What action can be take against them for creating this hassle to me?

Community Admin

Hi Raj Kumanan! Thanks for posting in the Community!


When you give someone permission to manage your property, please remember that a user with admin rights has an access to "Create and manage users" page in the Extranet, where they can add/modify or delete any account of that property. If your account was deleted from the Extranet, you will not be able to login to that property anymore.


In this case, you can contact the company that manages your property and request them to add a new account for you in the Extranet of this property.


If this is not an option, our local office can assist you with adding an account, but, as you do not have access to the Extranet of this property anymore, it will take some time as we need to verify your claim. 


Best regards!


Raj Kumanan

Thanks for your response but you dont seem to read my post completely to understand my issue. I do have access to Extranet but the issue is the local office is completely ignoring the request to change back the master account to my name even though I am the one signed the agreement with booking.com for this property. While I have good experience with booking.com support from call centres, I am very annoyed with the performance  of your local office and they dont seem to have the same values as booking.com in supporting partner and I dont understand why you dont take any action against them. Are they related to somebody untouchable? They dont seem to be bothered even after few phone calls by me to call centre and after them getting the message from call centre. This issue is hanging now for almost a month.