message wrongly identified as from guest


I'm a host and I received a reservation one week ago.

The 27 of August the guest sent me a message and I answered immediately. After that I noticed the "Inbox" menu was still reporting an unanswered message.

I tried many time to find out which message was still unanswered but every time the platform led me to my last message. Today, the 30th of August, the platform sent me a mail informing that I have a message still waiting to be answered. If I try to find out the unaswered message the platform still leads me to my last message.

What should I do?

Thank you in advance to everyone will help me.

Best regards, Valentina


BDC are having problems with the messaging system at the moment. Nothing you can do at your end.

Be sure to notify BDC so that they are aware the problem still exists.


Dear Partner Community Mate, I thanked for your quick reply. But I'm concerned since Booking platform is lowering my KPIs.

That's not fair.

How does it come? and Is it reversible? and How should I react?

Thank you and best regards, Valentina