More guests arrive than booked

What is the procedure when people have booked a stay for two, but arrive 4?



none ,you leave them be,

especially if you only list as a whole unit, and not as occupancy based rate plan.


contact Partner Services see below.


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how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox

Morten Pihl

Sorry, I don't understand the answer. 

We give guests a discount for less people staying, because we have half the cleaning, laundry, and water costs.

When twice as many guests arrive, I should leave them be?

I have to make more beds, supply more towels (which I forgot the last time because they were standing around me).

We try to run a professional service, and prepare everything in advance, so we can minimise contact with guests. But suddenly we seem hopelessly unprepared, when 4 people want to stay instead of two.


Ismini Karali

Hello from Athens!

Then, since the price they have paid is for 2 persons and 4 came, you may charge the 2 more as well! If the price paid is for 4 persons, then you have to let them be, and just prepare the property accordingly.


Morten Pihl

its very crystal clear, if you do not list your property as an occupancy based rate plan, then you are not entitled to anything extra, that they do not request.



whole unit, sleeps 2 but space for sleeping bags , a couch etc..

they do not ask for extra pull out beds nor folding beds...


No @Ismini Karali , thats not what I was saying at all.


Morten Pihl

It might be crystal clear to some, but not really to me. I might be incredibly dumb, though :)

My pricing on booking.com is:

1 pax -15% 2 pax -10% 3 pax -5% 4 pax full price

So some guests are smart, and book for two and get 10% off, but arrive 4.

I do let them stay, but the better solution in my opinion would be for them to modify the booking.

But my question was simply what the correct procedure should be. Since it happens so often, I will just remove the discounts. They do not make sense to me in these "crystal clear" cases.


Ian at Numurka…

this happended to me too - we had 4 bookings on booking .com and 2 bokings same room - same dates - we asked booking.com how this has happended ?...we still have not got an answer.  and they bookin.com tried to penalise US - when it was there fault.  a lot of lost time trying to rectify something that should not have occurred. ,  

morten phil.

we contact the guests before they arrive to make sure how many - we lock bedroom doors that are not being used - we put it in our house rules that they must be honest.  i think what your saying is that they book for 2 and bring 4 - called cheating.   point it out in your house rules and be upfront about it. 




I had an independent conversation with a few people and the conclusion was that unless the property in question has occupancy based rates versus price for a whole unit (property), the n there is no extra fees due.

aka  'The Price displayed is the price paid"

so even if the extra two have sleeping bags for couch etc, technically they have not broken any policy, and are welcome.


e.g. booked for 2 , 2 come from far away, but 2nd pair are local friends, or other friends coming into town also. Were they split the cost between themselves. This is a very common practise in IE & UK.  

now the workaround I think to deal with this when you do want to enforce it is :


  • Add a warning /policy into the New Reservation Template
    • Any extra guests must be declared else void entire booking.
    • Ask for a deposit, any breach of house rules and policies results in no refund of deposit.
    • Additional unbooked bedrooms locked if breached will result in no deposit refund, and blacklisted from future bookings.
    • Breaches of rules and policies will result in Guest being blacklisted.


there is  probably more than could be added I cant think of right now...



I had a look at Ian's listing to confirm how it is setup. Numurkah Self Contained Apartments - The Mieklejohn, Numurkah – Updated 2021 Prices (booking.com)