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To much Control

Booking used to be good, but they get worse everyday.

It seems they want to be like AirB, but Air lost business to Booking

Now booking wants to take control over my payments

this is why I do not like Air B

Booking will not let me write my own listing

they leave it to the database.

They let reviews that are crazy stand.

They do not understand that a guest can dispute a payment for 90 days

so if you wish to dispute a payment after 30 days that a guest 

received a full refund on good luck.

It seems booking prefers notels with bad reviews

honestly have you read some of the reviews?

Clean ratings 5.0?

People write hookers, bed bugs and drug dealers.

So providing a quality service is of no importance to booking'

they just want your money

and now they want to control all of your money and pay you

a month after your booking

laughing my ass off

who is foolish enough to want this?

B&B owner



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BrookAve 2 years ago

I think we all agree for the most part. You've listed basically all the main gripes that come up.


With that said,  with a bit of clever thinking, setting policies,  rate plans and using payments by bdc, prepaid rates, and payout every 8-11days... it's worked well for me as a homestay with spare rooms.


Yes I had to learn and adapt quickly to ' plug the proverbial holes '.

I had a look at your profile hoping to see your property linked, if you wouldn't mind could you do so, thanks.


Kind regards, merry xmas and have a happy new year.