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my guest did not receive a refund of your money


I canceled a reservation due to a reservation problem, and my guest did not receive a refund of his money, what can I do to speak with the help of the booking, a phone?



How did you perform the cancellation?


If the guest message you to request it, and you opened their details page, you must:


click request cancel, then choose option 2


notification and a request confirmation message is sent to guest.


Guest must action the link in the email, if not nothing will happen .


Once they do the system will process any prepaid amount back to the original pay method.

(can be up to 10 days)


Please confirm this is what you did?



Else contact BdC support





Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

Reminder partner only community, has no link to BdC support, you must contact them directly.  


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