Need to eliminate my ad

How do I eliminate my ad

Shellyan Arroc…

I want to erase my property from booking.com How can I delete the ad of my lodging. I don't wanna be listed anymore on booking.com. thank u

Bandara Hotels…

You will need to contact Booking.com support team directly. In the mean time, you can close sell all room type to stop receiving any new booking.


Hello Shellyan Arrocha González! Thank you for your post. 

There is an "Opportunities" button in the extranet. There you will find several programs like Genius, Preferred Partner, Visibility Booster which can help you to promote your property. So, please, look through them and if you still have questions, just write a comment here. 

Take care!

Villa Fortaleza 1

hello Sergei, I couldn't find any erase botton at the opportunities area... could you add more directions? thanks