Need help - Calendar synch with Airbnb is mixed up but I can't remove it

The synch with airbnb calendar didn't work today so I thought I need to start it over since Airbnb mentioned they are going to change something.

Now I am having 2 fragments of an Airbnb iCal connection, both having status 'activating' and highlighting that I need to complete the setup.

When I complete one setup only one entry remains and it looks good but it is not working. a test date is not being transfered. When I remove this one I am again seeing the 2 fragments as in the beginning and everyting starts again.

I would like to remove all of them and to start over. This does not work. I can't remove it when it is in status 'complete setup'.

I need urgent help in order to avoid double bookings and canelations.

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This is a known problem with Booking.com systems. If you report it to Booking.com, they will probably tell you that nothing is wrong and calendar sync is a manual process anyway. If you get it fixed, it can break later.

Whatever you do, do NOT rely on Booking.com calendar sync. Always manually block dates when you get bookings. So if you get a booking on Booking.com, block those dates on AirBnB, and vice versa.


It worked fine for me several months. Just today when I received a new booking throug booking.com it failed to sychronise. I tried to fix the link but this obviously made it worse. I spoke with booking.com support twice today. They do not fully understand the issue and told me I should wait 24 hours. I know it won't fix itself just by waiting a day. It is seemingly bug in their software. I hope that they take it seriouse and get it to a person who knows how to fix it. Seems they need to remove the fragments manually because I can't get them deleted through the website. As long as the fragments are there it won't work.

Support is obviuosly just trained to help people who struggle with how to use the Extranet. They are obviously not trained even to consider it might be something wrong with the coding.

Panagiotis Matoulas


i have the same exact problem- ....did u get help or a solution to this bug?

i contacted both booking and airbnb.. 

the outcome was, they check it. but no slution to my problem yet..