New feedback system.

Hello. Today booking put new feedback system in work, I think most of others got wors score then from 6 points feedback. I dont understand why we got new one if old was working good for all, this new system only will drop score down. We need to messeged booking about it, check your extranet and see it. 

Steve and Clai…

Yep its ridiculous....our scores have gone from being very consistant to all over the place!  

Tinka Milolaza

The new system does absolutely make no sense. Who came with this idea?

Instead of helping the host I have a strong feeling that booking.com is doing everything they can to SABOTAGE the review scores, why?

Trip & Hostel

  Good question who make this idea. Its why send messeged to your acount managers about this new system its only make wors for us all. We pay alot money to booking so we expect they work for us. Not make huge changen not say a word to their partners . So contact booking about they new system. 


They pretend that the new system was a requests from the hosts. I would like them to name who they contacted, where is the survey and the results? It's too easy to take unilateral decisions and to back it by unverifiable statements.