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new over all score is bringing down my Guest review Score.

To all the partners of Booking.Com:

I have tried in vain to advise Booking.Com to go back to the old guest review system based on 6 categories.

The overall score for each review is collected separately from the ratings guest give for different categories. The categories have no effect on the overall score.

Is my Motel the only one experiencing a drop in my guest review score because of this. The overall score is ALWAYS lower than the ratings for different categories.

Why not just add more categories like noise, bed comfort,  etc, and let the system calculate the average of these categories.

This system does not even allow a decimal ( ie )***

Guest picks a number out of a hat 1-10.

This is based too much on emotion and not on what's really important for a Motel, Hotel, Resort. 

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,