New property extranet account was suspension?

I'm just buy new hotel but problem is extranet was suspension and the reason is fake review. What should i doo know?


The question is what kind of review is considered as a fake review? Reviews can be written only from the guests that actually booked and stayed at your property. 


A fake review could be considered for example if you booked your own place with intent to give yourself a positive score/review. 


Maybe positive reviews that were published and then those bookings were marked as no-show (waiving the penalty fees). 


I remember a case where I marked a no-show and guest was uble to score us 1 (because we didn't issue a refund). If guest would score us a 10 although it was a no-show, this could be a problem from the point of legitimacy of the review. 


For encoruaging your guests to write a review should be not a wrongdoing.