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New quality rating for your property

Hi guys!

I just got an email about a new quality rating for properties. Looks like I am in a test-program. But The email has a login button that opens the login page but do not want to let me in. So I am now not able to figure out what this really means.

I have the feeling that this mean wants to make a "star" rating on our holiday homes and cabins. We stopped using Expedia due to this. We have very very popular cabins with rustic style and no Internet, TV and so on. A place people love to stay - on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean with midnight sun or northern lights. 

I am a bit afraid that this "new" ratingsystem will make my cabins look bad.

Anyone that can tell me more about this thing?

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Leandri Klopper

Hey Frode,

Thanks for sharing. 

Change is never well received when it comes to "don't fix it if it ain't broke". You're probably part of that programme, err can't remember the name of it now but they asked me to be part of it as well. I haven't had the time to opt in so I sadly don't know what the log in page looks like but perhaps phone partner services so they can check?

Rustic feel sounds awesome by the way. I'm sure your property won't look bad as long as you advise people of what they can expect. 

Let us know how it goes please, my interest is definitely peaked. 

Keep well. 

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Charming House…

Likewise, we have a small traditional house in The Netherlands with no TV but all the comforts.  We have a review average of 9.2.  Now, we also have a "Quality Rating" of 3/5 stars (likely due to our lack of TV and small size - a huge part of why guests enjoy our place!)  But apparently we should be lucky to have a star rating because not everyone does.... I'm not impressed...