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new rating system

It does not seem like the new rating system will help our properties. This is the 1st new rating system review I get. 10 everywhere but the overall rating (the only one counting) is 9...

Not good. Does anybody else have the same experience?


Nolwenn, (fr) Reservation Number XXXXXXXX


Oct 17, 2019











Value for money


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Tout était super à tel point que nous sommes restés une nuit de plus ! Situé en plein cœur d'un village sublime. Accueil par le propriétaire très agréable, le sujet que nous avons abordé lors de ce premier contact a nourri nos discussions jusqu'à la fin de notre séjour.

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Jennifer and A… 2 years ago

We totally agree, as do everyone else in Chamonix and Geneva, both prestigious cities that are currently suffering from's new system - flawed as you point out well. We see Ilaria replying a lot about other minor conversations like "The Story behind your property name" but not a single word about this crushing situation. Here's the post that we created to draw attention to this problem asap: Thank you Casacorsa and good luck to us all with this.

Robin Sherwood 2 years ago

Lucky for you. I got a ten all across the board then an overall score of 6. I queried this with the guest and guess why, because it was raining ***. To say I'm pissed off with it is an understatement. aren't helping as they're not listening at all. Just churn out the same old same old. They'd be beware because at this rate they're going to loose "partners" big time. Don't bite the and that feeds you.  

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Authenticbelgr… 2 years ago

You are lucky also. My property has maintained an average of 9,4 for the last 2 years. We had an Italian guest that gave us the rate of 1/10. Of course we asked her what was so bad to deserve such a rate. She told us that, the first day of her stay, 50 euros vanished from her toilet purse that was locked, and a pair of socks also. As the property is covered by cameras, we downloaded 48 hours of footage and send her the link, as well as to, to prove nobody entered her room during her stay, except for her and her friend. doesn't want to undertake anything about that, and the lady was too busy to look at the link on time, and it has expired now. She didn't want to clear the situation with the reception while she was in our property, in order, I quote,  not to make problems. When she went home, she gave us 1, and my average rate dropped to 9,3 after 2 years. Needless to say, we are very very very disappointed in Once again and as always, partners are at the mercy of all kind of people.

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Gustave Righetti 2 years ago


There are two more posts with hundreds of replies against the new system.


This one has been for months and is the one that made the first statement to


And here is another one, the most recent and only reply from but it got polluted by meaningless comments. It seems to be back on track on the topic this week:


Add your comments to the three links. It'll help your property, help the guests that now read distorted reviews, and help