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New rating system

Dear, I come back to you this time about the new rating system put in place. Indeed, for several weeks now we have noticed that our rating has been negatively impacted by inconsistent ratings and comments. From now on, the customer assigns a general rating (often more negative) after having independently evaluated the different headings even if in a positive way, it is enough for a little experience a little less good on his way back or when checking -out and the hotel is penalized.   I hope that intends to change this system which shows a number of limits. I am absolutely certain that you realize this yourself.

Isle of Wight …

There are already several discussions about the reviews system - you may like to read them, but it won't do any good because do not care about partners


I have contacted and they no longer reply to messages on this subject, even though they promise to respond within one day.

I don't see as a partner; as a partner's view in any other relationship would be discussed between both parties.

The only way forward if one side in the relationship is being ignored is separation.

Penghana Bed &…

I find this all very frustrating. Our property has had a 9.5 rating for three of the four years  we have operated our bed and breakfast business. We live in fear, quite seriously and literally, that this excellent score will drop due to's beligerence in keeping this new system.

Even the old system had flaws but the new system will be detrimental to our business and will affect our profitability.