New webdev bug : Replying to or create new topic results in redraw failure


Hi BdC Web Devs ( Communities Team  )


Since Yesterday I noticed on a windows platform with 3 browsers tested ( Chrome, new MS Edge, and Fire fox the following strange behavior:

When replying to an existing topic, and click save, the usual java spin icon appears then saved.

But the Memo edit window box is not redrawn.


This then gives the impression you have not actually submitted, and you can easily then click Save again thinking you did not do it right the first time.


This then results in duplicate replies. By forcing a page reload with F5 one can see all the duplicate replies.

I have tested this multiple times since yesterday and across 3 different browsers on same machine. Win 10

I manually then delete the duplicates.


If someone else does it and leaves , then have no idea how many times they clicked resulting in several duplicates. I know because I just saw someone do exactly that.

And as you know not everyone can be bothered to make the effort to clean up their mess on here, historically.


any who just letting you know, its not just one machine, one person , one browser, its happening to some others too. they just area either not noticing due to not reloading the page or have left their device to go off do something else.

I just switched to yet another browser to test it and same result.


Kind Regards




M Adamopoulou

Hi Barry,

I understand exactly what you are saying...

I thought I was making something wrong...

One bug disappears...but another one appears...

Hope BDC can fix this the soonest...

M Adamopoulou

The “””save””” button has a glow of blue color around it!!!


Hey BrookAveM Adamopoulou! Thanks for flagging. It is a bug, but our team is already fixing it. So I hope it won't take too much time.