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No show and cancellation Charges

please see above subject we need to know how can we charged, No show guest and cancellation guest a commision if the client cancel or did not show up.




You had probably take this up with directly and not on the partner forum!

If you go on the inbox / messages you will find the details of the helpline.

Leandri Klopper

Dear Sm,

I suggest you quickly go and correct those before the Invoice is made out for your property and then you will have to Dispute each one of those seperately.

Go into the booking and mark the credit cards as invalid. Or as jaybeegee says, Phone and tell them about all those before you get charged. You will need to phone in anyway should the booking not have card details on it.

Believe me, it's a Massive struggle to get those disputes approved.

Best of Luck


Booking. Com is charging me R8179. 93
For cancellation bookings where guests have not being charged.
Any comments