no show reservations & cancelling reservation


we have a problem with no show or false reservations (often with invalide credit cards)

We would like to have somebody to talk with,

to find a durable solution to fix this improving kind of problem.


Thank you for your answer.


Lodje Douala




Simply sign up for Payments By Booking to eliminate and enable prepaid under policies.


Solutions up top have more info.



Kind regards 

House of the S…

Hi, I have the same.

It is horrible that we partners cannot cancel bookings even when we feel it's obvious that they are fraud.

I had such a hunch the other day, a foul booking. Then got second thoughts and let the people get info on checking in. The card did come through. But now, I've got a phonecall stating the card is stolen and on goes the rollercoaster. I could have saved myself all this hassle if I could just cancel the bookings. 

Now I have criminals in my apartment and can't do anything about it!