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Not getting many bookings...

When I first joined Booking, I didn't seem to have trouble getting bookings for my place. Now a few months have passed, and I haven't gotten any more. 

Any tips on price or policy settings to increase my chances of getting more people to book? 

P.S. Because I'm a villa, I need to secure payment at least 2 weeks before the time of the booking so I don't lose money in case of a cancellation or no-show. So, unfortunately I can't be too terribly flexible with needing a pre-payment.


Do you compare your property with other similar properties in the destination. Using the product called Rate Intelligence opened my eyes regarding prices in my city. Not sure if you have option for it under BookingSuite tab for it...

Understandable that the payment is needed if it is a bigger property but you could use promotions to boost your sales. Last minute promotion in no demand months got me more reservations.


I am in a similar situation with 3 Villas in Bali, was doing very well and getting some last minute cancellations, so tried a pre payment method and got no bookings, changed back and bookings started again, it seems that we just have to put up with the few cancellations to get the bookings.

Keba Wilson

We have to put up 

With cancellation

To get bookin. That what I did..i was on it for 2020. Everything 

Just  stop

Keba Wilson

I am going thro same in 2018 thing.not getting any booking since b come partner plan.I have go check back my policy to see what I did get booking.

Keba Wilson

I am getting bookin now just that. I have to take payment in advance.. what to do there is no other way..we have collect your money before. I haven't get any bookin since April due to corinvauris