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Not receiving a Travellers review Awards 2021

We were sadly informed that this year our hotel will not receive the award, due to the fact that we had forgotten to pay an invoice. It is very sad when after so many years of cooperation and in the midst of a global crisis you were treated by your associates in this way

Pilly - Partne…

Hello Lazaros, 

One of the practice that we have every year is to make sure that only properties that are Open/Bookable or similar status are included in the winners list. I looked into your account specifically, unfortunately, it was in a closed status for too long for me to able to request an exception.

I hope you still appreciate the warm reviews from your guests and that, we can include you in the winners list next year. 


Dear Pilly,

we highly appreciate the fact that you took your time looking after our issue. We could understand if nothing can be done for our case, we just want you to reconsider it since we are talking for an extremly small invoice that was forgotten. Its not more for the Award, anyway is just a digital version, than the understanding and appreciation you give to us, your partners.