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I was thinking all along that NOTES for MANUAL rooms closures are available and it turned out to be NON-EXISTENT after all. I am pretty sure that I am not the only person who noticed this. For some reason, the extranet and the Pulse app does not give users the option to input notes of any sort whatsoever. When we manually close a room for maintenance, we DO NOT have any option to add notes at all. I rarely close down rooms for maintenance and stuff but with the current health situation going on, I think it is a must to do this. Unfortunately, I am left working on my own resource to get reminded which rooms are closed and for which supposed reason. If we are able to leave notes, I think it will be super efficient to get this feature available. I hope this could be organised. Thanks. 




Topic Type : Feature Request

Topic : Feature Request - Add note field to Calendar for Room Type.

or consider as a Notepad menu


There previously was for some regions a Diary feature but it got removed.