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Occhio alla richiesta di modifica date con tariffe aggiornate

It's great to find out how is trying to find new sources of revenue this year; for example if a customer (already under penalty for any changes / cancellations) requests an extension of the stay, does not simply add the cost of the additional period, but recalculates the entire period by updating the total amount with any tariff reductions carried out by the structure to sell the latest availabilities: the beauty of retroactivity, gentlemen. All right eh, because then the hotelier's approval is needed to allow the change, but the guest is given an opportunity that the same should not have, having already purchased those nights at an agreed price; doing so also puts the structure in the uncomfortable position of having to deny a cheaper price than on the contrary allows. Of course, I thought, what advantage does have to sell at a lower price: that at a lower price it will probably sell more nights, statistically increasing the total amount of the commission; this of course to the detriment of the hotelier, whose goal is to exhaust the availability at a reasonable price. The wonders of marketing

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Another bad habit, a large block of text, readability : 1/10

Next time use Carriage Returns and space it out, most people will never read that and just ignore this.

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