Occupancy pricing option

Hello and sorry to trouble you...If anyone can help it will be fantastic and very much appreciated......Am new today to booking.com and near to having everything ready to go live, but....

I have 2 x 2 bed apartments to rent out. On one apartment on the calendar it has the "occupancy pricing option" available (which I want), but on the other property it is not giving me this option??

Have tried everything to fix this, but no luck.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and perhaps found a solution?

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,





Aaltje B.

Hi Paul

Welcome to the forum.

And you have done a great job already.

We have some very technical people in the team, like Katrinka, Fluff, so hopefully, they will jump in now.

If you can't wait, have a peek in the search bar, and type in your issue, and you will find many topics like yours. See what answer they got. You may find a good solution.

Have a Happy Easter.


Aaltje B.