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Option to obscure the exact address of listing before the reservation.

As an owner of just one property listed on Booking, I'm looking for a way to obscure the exact address of my listing for onlookers until their reservation is confirmed. I believe this is a security vulnerability, as even non-registered users may retrieve exact address information for single apartments. I believe, this puts a threat of break-in / robbery on apartment owners. I understand it's not an issue for big properties like hotels or apartment complexes. But claims to be a suitable platform for a full spectrum of property owners, including those who have just single property.



Hi Pete,


Yes I agree , I too had that thought.


I get hotels would not be hidden but even hides exact address. 


There can be Pros V Cons to this, such as walk-ins, asking for availability.

To date I have had two cases and was able to accommodate it.


I think it would be nice to have a toggle option to partially hide it, but then if you do that you also have to obscure the map location too. 


Technically it can be done. greyed out area on map.





Kind Regards