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Our 9.9 award

My husband and I started our B&B with the intention of making it the sort of place we'd like to go. It has been hard work and a lot of thought (and money) has ben put into it.  The payoff has been winning a 9.9 award not only once but two years in a row; the first was only 5 months after we opened in 2019.  Because of the Corona virus we will have been shut for as many months as we have been open but we hope to be even busier when we do.

We have kept up the social media and marketing and launched our new and improved website during the lockdown which we feel is very important. is working hard to keep in touch with us all and help make us feel connected.


M Adamopoulou

Congratulations Chrissie🎈

Wish this year is better than last year for all of us.


Wish you all the best 🌞