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our property have XML Connection, we want to add inventory and Rates to be up- dated, We need your help in this regards.

our ID:***

Property Name: Ram Guest House, Pondicherry, India.


Your inventory and prices can’t be changed via extranet

For properties like yours that have an XML connection, inventory and prices cannot be edited through the extranet. Please use your connectivity provider (e.g. channel manager) to make changes instead.

This is the message we received.





Other than the Connected Apps under Extranet > Account (top right menu), there is only basic setup info, its really the responsibility of the Channel manager/PMS provider t oguide you.


Which one /who are you using?


Correct once you connect a CM/PMS you cannot directly do that in the extranet, you should be using the 3rd party CM/PMS portal instead, as thats the entire point of it.



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Account Adviso…



If your property is channel manager (XML) connected, all rates and availability need to be updated through there so it can speak to all your connected platforms. Any manual changes to the Extranet calendar will be overridden by your channel manager so you need to do the update there.


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Shirley E.