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I had an overbooking and now I cant have the guests in my apartment.

I asked them if they could change the dates but they say they dont want that. Their booking was made like 3 days ago.

What can I do know? 


Thank you in advance

Allan Withers


There's a couple of things you can do or at least try.

I would firstly plead with the customer that you have made a mistake and ask him to book else where, if he comes back as says that he may to have pay more for. You may have to bite the bullet and pay the difference! Most people can relate that we don't live in a perfect world and mistakes can and do happen.

Secondly you may have to find them accommodation out of your own pocket. I have only done this once in our 3yrs of being with BC. You wont get much help from BC either.

Good luck 






I spend some time looking at other local accommodation that is available at the dates they need and at a similar price.  Then you can tell the guests some alternatives that offer the same as you.

Also just admit you made a mistake with dates and apologise.  It happens to us all at times.