I am already the number 1 listing in my own area, but would like to draw customers from a larger area of 50 miles radious.

Is the visibilit booster the tool I should use, or is that just for my own area, and will do nothing 5o miles away??




Community Admin

Hi Moti Weinberg! Thank you for posting in the Community!


Each property on Booking.com is assigned to a specific area and all programs that include visibility increase are "working" only for this area. Your property still might appear in the list of properties in areas nearby, but only if in that area is not many available properties for chosen by guest dates. 


Good luck.


Don Burns

I suggest listing your rental property on other reservation websites:  Airbnb, FlipKey, Expedia and TripAdvisor.


These have helped us increase our bookings.

Moti Weinberg

So frustrated.

There are 15 other properties ranked higher, even though they are much further away from the searched area.  Something is just not right.

Moti Weinberg

Its sad how many times I have gotten wrong information here.  So, after joining the Prefered, I saw a boost in my ranking.  After joining the Genoius, I saw another boost.