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We have 4 'rooms' which all have amazing sea views. Two are stand alone cabins..our descriptions tells guests no wifi or tv. in these cabins. Every room has extras such as nespresso machines...good free use of kayaks,  SUPs..private beach, swimming pool....

Our ratings to date are 9.7

But we have had an anonymous review of 6.3

I am frustrated that these guests wrote anonymously and also at the time did not say how unhappy they were. We had no idea.

Reviews that are so out of the ordinary from others should be 'put to one side' by There should be a period where waits with these poor reviews to see if there is a trend...then put them up.. In our case poor reviews are very very few. But they have the potential to bring our rating down drastically. there fore affecting our business. Not good enough

A change needs to happen to protect from malicious reviews.

Holidayhouseab11 3 years ago

Susy I totally agree. We can have a consistent number of reviews that are 10 and then a 7.5. I don't know about anybody else but we find the guests who leave our house the dirtiest and don't abide by the house rules eg empty dishwasher before you leave etc are the worst!

What I find offensive is that put a sad face on the page and text of "what can you do to avoid poor reviews". I also don't like that if they don't actually write something and only do a rating you can't respond or question what were their issues.