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Partner Community Home Page - Missing Breadcrumbs and Next Page Navigation - Web Dev Fix



So it has been bugging me for some time now  how when you go to the home Page for Partner community and you see the 4 headings:


Featured, Trending, Unanswered and Recent That there are no navigation links at bottom of the list of topics in each.

missing page navigation



What happens is, as we interact with those displayed topics they get moved and pushed further down.

Once they go past the bottom displayed topic, they are essentially no longer viewable or easy to find.


Yes I know there is a Topic subscribe feature called Follow, but that is hardly the point, and no other online forum is missing this basic feature.


I am asking for the Community Staff team to relay this to the Web Developers to add in essentially a small horizontal dynamic code section that will auto generate, the bread crumbs aka page numbers ,  NEXT > , and < BACK .




Again this is a universal style on basically every online forum for decades yet somehow it is missing.


Apart from it creating a bad UX, User Experience, It could be misconstrued as intentional to hide older topics.


It would look something like this.:

sugested example of navigation controls



Ironically this actually does appear on topics when they get so many replies, it  auto generates a next page


Scroll to the bottom of that page to see.


Communities Team  

Ilaria - Community Manager  

Laura, Community Manager  


Kind Regards





This needs to be for each of the four tabbed lists independently.


It exists in the Partner Profile  for Posts & comments, and in there it is terrible as it does not work as it should.


i.e. missing numbers next pages not showing when you click on Comments


. You end up backat the Your Posts list, click the bread crumbs below and then click back on.

My comments to see the next page of comments.



This is shockingly bad and flawed.

Aaltje B.

Agree, but couldn't word it like you do. 

Prof approach. now the design. Looking forward!    :) 



Aaltje B. 


Hello Barry Reilly! Thank you for your post. Yes, it makes sense and we are working on it. So I hope there will be more updates in future. 


8 months ago and still nothing ..... it takes less than an hour to implement lads, come on , do better!